pretties! fall engagement photo shoot

Yesterday was an amazingly beautiful day. The sun came out in the afternoon, it warmed up (almost too much) and it allowed us to have our re-scheduled engagement photo shoot with amazing lighting, beautiful fall colours and a lot of laughter! We decided to spend our time on a trail on the Red Hill (just off Queenston in Hamilton) and we were not to be disappointed!

We met with Kara, of Kara Lodder Photography, at 5pm, she had gotten there before us and was happily snapping pictures of the trees, leaves and loving the lighting. We had worn long sleeves and when we were leaving the house I was worried we’d would be too hot, especially me in my comfy sweater, but once we arrived there was already a drop in temperature so our apparel was perfect for the day.

Kara was so easy to work with and would call out what she wanted us to do so it was very easy to be relaxed and just enjoy ourselves. She was so dedicated she was even lying down on the path a few times to get the angles she wanted, luckily I brought a blanket so we could help protect her from the damp ground. Of course we also laughed  a lot, like a lot a lot, so I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures of us giggling like idiots. She took some shots in a small clearing and we sat on the blanket from my car, then we took some shots up one of the hills were there were gorgeous leaves, then we were on a  fallen tree and finally we took some shots by the river. It was truly amazing how much we got done in only just over an hour.

As we were ready to go Kara let us know that we could expect a teaser shot by e-mail in the next few days and that it would be about 3 weeks before our CD with all of the shots would be ready. She would then contact us and we’d meet for coffee and receive our much-anticipated disc!

This morning this beautiful picture was sitting in my inbox:

Naturally, I e-mailed it out to my family right away and Justin posted it on Facebook too. We absolutely love it! (It’s my netbook’s wallpaper right now too! 😉 ) Can’t wait to see the rest in a few weeks!

– Jess

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  1. Posted by Katie B on October 30, 2012 at 5:32 pm


  2. Posted by deliberatespontaneity on November 3, 2012 at 9:04 am

    Thanks Kate! Can’t wait to show you the rest once we have them 🙂

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