workplace fun: McMaster CCE graduation 2012

So tonight is our McMaster University Centre for Continuing Education’s (CCE) graduation ceremony for all of our fantastic students who have completed their studies over the last year. It’s always great to see the students you’ve come to know so well, either by meeting with them when they first started or running into them in the evenings during Welcome Week, graduate and celebrate with their families. It’s a fun-filled night with cheering, big rounds of applause and of course, food!!

It’s always a very busy night for myself and my fellow staff as we make sure we have absolutely everything we need for the night to come off as a success. Lists are checked twice, certificates and diplomas are packed into boxes and we always make sure there are colouring books and crayons on hand for our little guests who just aren’t quite ready to sit through a whole ceremony just yet. Tables are set-up for check-in and certificate and diploma pick-up, and this year our bookstore, Titles Bookstore, will be on hand for anyone who wants to purchase their frame that night. We have staff who will be taking beautiful pictures to be posted on our Facebook page and we’ll even be taking some video of students who want to share their experience at CCE.

Awards will also be given out to students who have excelled academically in each of our Certificate & Diploma programs and instructors who have really gone above and beyond. There are lots of congratulations and high fives given, and even a couple “Whoos” called out by yours truly.

It’s long but very rewarding day, and we always have a lot of fun… until we all fall down at the end of the night and are so very ready to go to bed!

– Jess

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